My dotfiles

It wasn’t until my first real full-time job that I really started using vim. I had used emacs for a few courses in college, but never really got used to it. Now that I’ve been using vim for about 3 years, I have it configured to the point that I am comfortable performing most code editing in it.

Another tool that I recently (~1 year) picked up is tmux. It is the natural alternative to screen, which I did not particularly like. I have also customized tmux to a certain point that I am comfortable doing most terminal work in it.

All linux users customize their environment to some degree, so I have decided to upload my dotfiles on github. It contains my custom settings for vim, tmux,  bash, and git. The commenting within the files is pretty sparse at the moment, but I will improve them gradually as I see fit. The repo is available on github:

Here is a screenshot of my setup showcasing a vim session running under tmux through PuTTY on windows:



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